Established in year 2003, Roshana Motors has come a long way in automotive industry with the strength of years of experience and with well-trained staff. It began it’s operation by importing motor cycles to Sri Lanka. Roshana Motors was founded by a young entrepreneur with the blessing of his family which is well-connected to automobile industry with vast knowledge coming down from generation to generation.

Within a short period it became a well-known name in automobile industry and it earned it’s reputation as a reliable & dependable service with customer-friendly business relationship.

Soon the company diversified in to many other areas. Being within the automotive industry itself, Roshana Motors made it’s diversifications in to other businesses.

Dealers of motor cycles

  • Imported motor cycles
  • Distribution throughout country
  • After sale services

Motor cycle repair center

  • Repairing & servicing of all brands of motor cycles
  • Trained & experienced staff
  • Dependable and on-time services

Motor cycle spare parts store

  • Dealers of spare parts of all brands
  • Retail store
  • Body parts
  • Engine parts
  • Body styling accessories
  • Motor cycle safety gear & helmets

Motor cycle repair & service center

  • Repairing & servicing of motor cycles of all brands
  • Door-step collection & delivery service
  • Repairing & servicing of motor cycle fleets of corporate clients

Roshana Motors Transport & logistic services

Roshana Motors offers solutions for logistic services mainly for state & corporate sector. It consists of fleet of transport vehicles providing services of transport & logistics for specific services such as vehicle carrier services, food item delivery, vehicles for Southern Expressway special operations etc.